Rishi D. Jha

  1. Label Poisoning is All You Need

    NeurIPS '23 | Rishi Jha, Jonathan Hayase, Sewoong Oh

    Master's Thesis | Rishi Jha

  2. Hyper-Universal Policy Approximation: Learning to Generate Actions from a Single Image using Hypernets

    NeuroVision '22 @ CVPR | Dimitrios C. Gklezakos, Rishi Jha, Rajesh P. N. Rao

  3. Graph-Based Analysis of Security Incidents

    Patent Pending | Nisha Shahul Hammed, Rishi Jha, Evan Argyle

  4. On Geodesic Distances and Contextual Embedding Compression for Text Classification

    TextGraphs '21 @ NAACL | Rishi Jha, Kai Mihata