Rishi D. Jha

  1. Undergraduate / Graduate Machine Learning Course Designer

    UW | Prof. Sewoong Oh | 2021

    In the summer after my junior year, I was sponsored Prof. Sewoong Oh to redesign the course's problem sets and homework infrastructure with a focus on modernization and equitability. We worked to drive equitability by adding necessary data context, removing technical jargon, and constructing homework problems that required students to challenge algorithmic and implicit biases in machine learning. In addition, we created a new central grading system and TA codebase for future quarters and course staffs to use.

  2. 4x Undergraduate / Graduate Machine Learning TA

    UW | Profs. Kevin Jamieson, Jamie Morgenstern, Sewoong Oh, Simon Du, Byron Boots | 2020-2021

    From sophomore to senior year of my undergraduate, I TA'd CSE446/546 (combined undergraduate/graduate machine learning) three times and CSE446 (undergraduate ML) once. Each quarter, I either hosted a 25-person section or held office hours twice a week while designing section materials for the entire teaching staff, monitoring discussion boards, and grading assignments.